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 HOLA! Welcome to Culture Kingdom


This tagline is the heart of Culture Kingdom

We will IGNITE your passion and dreams, ILLUMINATE your learning, guide and grow your talent so you can ENLIGHTEN the world with what you have accomplished.  

Culture Kingdom Mission Statement

 Culture Kingdom is dedicated to be an leadership organization that the community can benefit from to improve their quality of life and expand their abilities through culture, arts, media and social interaction.


 Culture Kingdom Client Promises

Balance:Our team will promote a well balanced lifestyle; physical, mental and emotional health.

Encourage your journey: We are here to enhance your life in what your interests are. We respect your courage to try something new or take a risk. We will help you reach your goals. 

Leadership: Our team will be an example of high quality leaders in their field. Through our programs we are dedicated to develop you, as strong leaders in our community.

Innovative: Culture Kingdom will be a leader in creativity and discovery. We will provide ways for you to experience the arts and cultures from around the world. 

Family: We are a community based organization that promotes love, fellowship, friendships and belonging. We want you to feel welcome with every Culture Kingdom encounter. "come as a stranger, leave as a friend".

Culture Kingdom has something for everyone!

Come and experience a fun filled atmosphere, meet great people

and plug in to the rhythms and cultures of the world.

Serving Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Brampton, Burlington, Etobicoke, and Toronto 

Natasha Romero Medrano: Creator/Owner


 Born in Toronto, Ontario Canada,July 1979 and raised in Mississauga, Natasha is a spicy, fiery girl, with a big heart.  Music has been in her life from birth. Her mother, Sandra and grandmother Lilla passed on the gift of singing. Her father Farouk, has passed on his Trinidadian roots that ignites the flame for Caribbean and Latin rhythms.

The journey of music has accompanied Natasha through many times in her life. Singing and performing throughout school led her to more and more opportunities.  At Mississauaga City Centre Opera Company, she performed in "The King and I" . Being a member of the University of Toronto Gospel Choir was a tremendous blessing in her life when she became a single mother of her two boys. She then hit the TV studios with a reality tv series called "Gospel Challenge" on Vision TV.  As a winner to the finals, she met many talented people and continued to challenge her vocal abilities. 

In the year 2000, Natasha was exposed to the Toronto Salsa scene!  She went to a Salsa Club on College and Bathurst in Toronto and was hooked!  Latin culture was meant to meet Natasha!  Growing with Toronto's Salsa Community led her to become a Salsa teacher in Mississauga.  This is how Culture Kingdom came to pass.  She wanted to share her passion with others, and was given a wonderful vision to bring out the best in everyone she encounters. 

Originally Natasha's business background is Restaurant Management. She loves people and is a customer service addict! Natasha doesn't stop learning and giving, with her vision of Culture Kingdom she worked hard with top marks in Career College. She received an honors diploma in Human Resources and Marketing.  In 2008 she obtained her Zumba Fitness Licence and will pursue more certifications.  

Her gifts that she is thankful for are her two boys, Anthony and Marcus, her husband, Eric and an amazing circle of family, friends and Christians that shape her life. 

 " Now my life has brought me to this point. Everything  I have been through, good and bad, I have learned from. I am thankful for everything.  The seeds I have sewn are continually blossoming right before my eyes!  It is time to shine with the overflow of light in my life. There is one important thing for you to know, that above all of our successes and failures that love is the most valuable thing in our lives. If I haven't met you yet, I look forward to sharing precious moments with you."

....Seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well......Matthew 6:33  



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