Quotes Zumba is amazing but Culture Kingdom takes it to a passionate level. I have taken other zumba classes in the past but Cha Cha Romero's style is captivating. I love the addictive energy, the unplagiarized choreography and the easy-to-follow teaching style:) Quotes
Amitha Jocie Mundenchira

Quotes Zumba has changed my life! It helps me with my stress management and it makes me very happy. It's a great workout and the instructors are amazing. I would love to see more new steps if possible! Quotes
Changed my life!

Quotes Love it! Love it! If I can do it everyday I'll do it! Zumba tau ght me to be more confident with my body. -Mayana Quotes
I can do it everyday!

Quotes I love Zumba Fitness. Gives me more energy and I always look forward to the class. Great exercise! - Maria Quotes
Maria Rosella Prollamante

Quotes " I have been going to the Zumba /Curves class for 3 weeks now. I go to other excercise classes through the week, but I have found that this class is a lot of fun and the time goes by so quickly that I am disappointed when the class is over. It seems that we have just start and it is finished" Shirley Curves Mississauga Quotes
Seems like we just start when it is finished!

Quotes " Dear Cha Cha, Thank you for teaching us Zumba! You are the best teacher out of all the Zumba teachers! Love Gabi (Zumbatomic star) Quotes

Quotes Cha Cha, I can't believe I only discovered the Joy of Zumba a month ago. I don't consider myself a dancer by any means, but your classes give me such a confidence to "move" to music. Thanks for all the fun and laughs! God bless Amanda Ellen Chan Quotes
Curves Mississauga
Joy of Zumba

Quotes Cha Cha, You are a gifted teacher! You communicate your love of Zumba in every movement. You are patient and help us to learn complex choreography. You encourage us. Your enthousiasm is infectious! Sincerely Hella & Elaine Glinos Quotes
Curves Mississauga
Encouraged Mom and Daughter

Quotes This is my first time doing a Zumba class and I used to do professional latin dancing in the past. I really enjoy getting back in to it. You're a great instructor! Thanks! Maria Quotes
Professional Latin Dancer

Quotes Absolutely amazing, I look forward to your class every week! Quotes
YMCA Burlington
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